vendor information


Canton Civic Center

800 Flea Market Rd.

Canton, Texas

April 5-11, 2021

  • Our venue has changed for 2021 to the Canton Civic Center
  • The Canton Civic Center is home to Canton Trade Days that is billed as “The World’s Largest Flea Market”
  • Directions to the Canton Civic Center
  • Upon arrival; wait for our parking crew to park you
  • Check in with our Vendor Coordinator to receive your booth assignment
  • Please contact our Vendor Coordinator for any questions

We offer two payment options for our vendors, option one offers the same level of participation as our rally attendees; option two offers retail space and camping only. We offer three size booths for our vendors and seminar accommodations are provided. 

To obtain booth space we require a donation to offset the cost of electric, AC or heating and security.

  • A 10′ X 10′ booth requires a donation of $75.00
  • A 10′ X 20′ booth requires a donation of $140.00
  • A 10′ X 30′ booth requires a donation of $210.00
  • check in with our vendor coordinator for your booth assignment

Seminar accommodations are not guaranteed and are assigned by the Vendor Coordinator after arrival.

We make every effort to insure that items being offered are not duplicated, but we can not guarantee that duplication will not occur.

We offer two vendor participation options:

Option 1      Early Parking on Monday, April 5

Registration fee which includes entertainment, ice cream, Rally patch, and parking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday [$80.00 pre-registered] and early parking fee for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday @ $25.00 per night [$75.00]. If not pre-registered, $5.00 will be added to option 1.  TOTAL: $155.00

Option 2     Early Parking on Monday, April 5

If you do not desire to receive a registration package which includes the Entertainment, Ice cream and Rally patch, you may elect to pay the standard parking rate of $25.00 per night (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday).  TOTAL: $150.00